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DKI - Deutsches Klavierbau Institut

As successor to the master circles DKI combines advanced forces to create better pianos

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Our Services

As an international association DKI offers a varity of different services.

Research and Development

Expertise and visions are exchanged in the Master Circles organised by DKI. The aim is to further develop the traditional piano manufacture.

Training material

DKI provides training material that is used to broaden the knowledge of Piano technicians all around the world.

Sponsorship for cultural life

The German Piano Building Institute organizes cultural events such as concerts, musical competitions and young talents all around the world.

Sponsorship and Host of Master Circles

We help develop new quality standards and bring experts in the Piano industry together.

Promote value-based business

DKI promotes value-based international Piano businesses. We support Piano businesses with experience, knowledge and a network of experts.

Setting quality standards

Traditional German Piano Building sets high quality standards. We advise businesses, technicians and musicians on how they can achieve these standards.


About us - Deutsches Klavierbau Institut

Advanced Piano Building Institute

The DKI is the German Institute for Piano Building. Established by Christoph Schulz and Frederik Steffes, former host of the Master Circles, it builds the foundation for professional exchange to create the best pianos.

Looking back to the “Golden 20’s”, where the craft of Piano Building had its peak, DKI leads the industry by providing traditional knowledge, internationally accessible.

The German Institute for Piano Building (DKI) provides a platform for Research and Development, teaching and training in Piano Building.

Combining traditional values and quality with modern engineering

The regular organization of our Master Circles ensures a continuous development of Piano Building. Both values and processes of traditional craftsmanship are combined with modern engineering.

Expertise is created through cooperation with internationally recognized experts. In the spirit of curiosity, this is exchanged, supplemented and expanded in the Master Circles.

Our Team

Frederik Steffes


Christoph Schulz


Colin Taylor


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